Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

w3ace's tribute to the best mobile MOBA

Welcome to my Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fan site. I built this web app because I wanted to be able to pick a hero, pick 6 pieces of gear and see what how that would affect their base statistics as you build the items during a match. I also wanted an intuitive picker that would let you see the stats of all the gear quickly and easily. Oh yeah! I also wanted to see crafting trees of the items so that I could know what items to pick in which order. Too much to ask. Nope, hope you enjoy the site and I'll see you in game. It's easy

1. Pick a hero

2. Pick some gear

3. Check out how the stats change

Popular Heroes

Popular Gear

Blade of Despair

Blood Wings

Calamity Scythe

Flame of Fury

Great Sword

Nimble Blade

Vitality Crystal